Mindfulness coaching

I bring my experience of over 30 plus years of self-exploration and healing practices to assist others in cultivating the four basic areas of mindfulness – of the body through physical sensations and breath; of the mind through thoughts, images and emotions;  of feeling tone - pleasant, unpleasant and neutral; and of the universal laws of impermanence, it's not personal, and when there is  attachment there is suffering that apply to all experiences.


The benefit of mindfulness in these four areas, simply put, is we are able to recognize where we are stuck, how we get stuck and how to move forward.  Our difficulties will usually arrive in one or two areas, perhaps an insistent story or a pain in the body.  By expanding our attention to the other areas of mindfulness we can achieve a deeper understanding and level of acceptance in relationship to the problematic issue.

We will explore these difficulties by using a combination of techniques: discussion; the learning of skillful tools and processes; physical movement; Reiki; and learning how to reign in the activities of the mind.



Words from a mindfulness student