Teaching for more than 20 years

Denise began teaching Yoga in 1998 and has completed a teacher training with Doug Swenson, and the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Kim Orenstein. She has been practicing Vipassana Meditation since 1995 and in May of 2012 finished the Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training with Phillip Moffitt and Anne Cushman through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She is a Lay Leader for Dharma Zephyr Insight Meditation Community because of her commitment to teaching mindfulness, movement and meditation classes, daylongs and weekend retreats; her extensive retreat experience; as well as being a student of Heather Sundberg since 2013 and the Committed Students Program for the last several years.

She is a wife and mother and brings her two loves, the philosophy of Yoga and Buddha Dharma, to her over 20 years of teaching. In addition, what she brings as a Reiki Practitioner and Mindfulness Coach is her own personal experience of over 30 years in self-exploration, healing and mindfulness.